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What fifty years of no-fault divorce has gotten us

August 14th, 2019|Relationships|

By Beverly Willett
Courtesy of Washington Examiner

Until sued for divorce, many spouses have no idea they can be divorced without cause and against their will.

I’m a lawyer and I, too, was in the dark right up until my husband left. So why is this violation of the U.S. Constitution that has shattered innocent lives not on the agenda of any candidate running for high office?

Fifty years ago this summer in 1969, California Governor Ronald Reagan signed the first no-fault divorce statute into law. Since then, all states have enacted similar legislation. Despite early applause from lawmakers that […]

Keeping The Marriage Together: How To Prevent Divorce

June 13th, 2019|Relationships|

By Taylor Rosty
Courtesy of Kaplan Law L.L.C.

Most people get married hoping to stay married for their entire lives. Unfortunately, divorce is real and it happens frequently.

It’s difficult to calculate exactly how many marriages end in divorce, but the rate remains high.

If you’re married or hoping to be married soon, here are some important things to know about divorce, and how to prevent it.

Negative Effects of Divorce

While some people are able to divorce amicably, there is usually a level of pain and suffering attached to divorce. The issues are compounded when children are […]

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